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Our Story

Established in 2017, Vaughan Elite Swim School is dedicated to teaching people of all ages how to swim safely and effectively. We operate in a heated saltwater pool, offering lessons to people of all ages, and all levels - including rookie, ranger and star patrol. Depending on the pace of each individual, our instructors are trained to push their students to the best of their capabilities. 


We also offer WATER FITNESS classes including Aqua-fitness, Hydrotherapy, and Post Rehab. 

Our water is always 91 degrees Fahrenheit, that's 32 degrees Celcius for the metric fans!!! This allows for children to be comfortable for their lesson and it is also safer for fitness classes than cold water since it allows your muscles to relax as opposed to tensing up. 


Our instructing staff is dedicated to individualizing every class for each student and is focused on expanding the knowledge and skill set of each swimmer. Lessons are available to be taught in English, French, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, and Spanish depending on the instructor and availability.  

Swimming Trainer with Students
Swimming Trainer with Students

Learn To Swim

EVERYONE at ANY AGE is welcome for lessons. Learning to swim lasts an eternity. It is the only sport that can save lives. Swimming keeps your heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance. Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments, which helps children to become self-confident and believe in their abilities. Swimming allows for plenty of opportunities to grow in confidence. Our largest class includes two students. Sign up today to invest in yourself or your children!!! 

Parents and Tots

We offer lessons to babies starting at 4 months of age!! These lessons include parent and baby in the water allowing the parent to learn and optimize the best way to teach their child how to swim starting from the youngest age they possibly can. We also offer the option for only babies to be in the water, for those parents who choose not to enter the pool. Our 91 degrees Fahrenheit heated salt water pool allows the most comfort for the parent and baby. Our schedule is suitable to accommodate your schedule as our classes are only private or semi-private. Call us today to schedule a time slot! 

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